4 Causes of Tooth Pain

4 Causes of Tooth Pain

Are you experiencing tooth pain that won’t go away? At Jaguar Valley Dental, this is a common problem we have patients coming in for. Tooth pain can be excruciating, often causing chronic headaches and making simple tasks like eating more difficult than ever. Fortunately, it can be a quick fix depending on the cause. Not sure what’s causing your tooth pain? Keep reading as we share four common causes, then contact us to book an appointment at our Valley Center dental clinic.



A cavity is a small hole in the tooth typically caused by tooth decay. Bacteria finds its way into this hole, which leads to irritation or swelling. If the cavity grows deep or big enough, it can expose your tooth’s nerves, resulting in tooth pain. For this reason, cavity prevention is a critical part of our general dentistry services.

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Grinding Teeth

Sometimes, when people are stressed out or dealing with tension, they may grind their teeth. If you can relate to this problem, it could be the root of your toothache. Teeth grinding weakens your teeth, making them more vulnerable to decay and breaking, which are both painful.

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Abscessed Tooth

If you’ve left an infected tooth alone for too long, you could end up with an abscessed tooth. No matter how the infection started, it’s important to treat it quickly to prevent an abscess from forming. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency such as this, Jaguar Valley Dental is here to help.

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Sensitive Teeth

Do your teeth hurt when exposed to hot or cold beverages? This may indicate a tooth sensitivity problem, which is often caused by worn or damaged tooth enamel. If over-the-counter toothpaste and mouth rinse for sensitive teeth don’t help, you may need to consider professional general dentistry services.

When you’re experiencing tooth pain, you deserve the best family dentist to help you treat it. Turn to Jaguar Valley Dental for an appointment, and let us help you care for your teeth today.

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